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The Diamond Club Online Trading Floor

The Diamond Club online trading floor was designed with the South African diamond trade in mind the club felt it was necessary to keep up with international trends and align the South African diamond market with the rest of the world by developing an online trading platform.

How it works is that ONLY Diamond Club of SA members are allowed to upload/list their polish diamonds stock online, this is a crucial difference from similar platform as it ensures that the thousands of diamonds listed on the site are from verified and secure South African Diamond Club diamond dealers.

Search Stock Listings

This is a B2B model, and in the first phase only Jewelry Council of SA members will be given access to search for diamonds, again this is a world first as all potential deals will done by members of the diamond and jewelry trade, another very important fact is that the platform falls under the rules and regulation of the DDCSA and this gives the verified traders selling or searching for diamonds peace of mind knowing that they can trade with confidence.

Traders using this game changing platform will gain access to a bigger healthy polish diamond market and would save both time and money by finding the diamond which they are looking for instantly and in most cases at competitive trade prices.

It is also important to note that this platform is a “matchmaker” between seller and buyer once a buyer finds the diamond they are looking for, they would get in touch with the seller both parties should do their normal due diligence and the transaction is done Offline.

If you are in the jewellery and diamond trade you can not afford not to use this powerful tool , after a quick registration process access is gained and trading begins, traders have no excuses not to use this platform as it is absolutely free of charge.

So what are you waiting for Register NOW.

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