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DDCSA Knowledge Base

DDCSA trading platform documentation and knowledge base.

Building Your Stock Template

The first step in managing and displaying your stock on the Diamond Club Trading Platform, is to build your stock template.

Step One - Accessing Bulk Import

On the Member Admin page click on the Bulk Import button on the top right hand side of the page.

You will be redirected to the Bulk Import section of the website.

Step Two - Building / Importing Your Template

Click on Import Template in the menu

Select which row your spreadsheet heading is and which row your data starts, then click next.

Upload your excel spreadsheet, by clicking on Select Files or by dragging and dropping your file on the upload bar.

Once file is uploaded, click next.

Step Three - Macthing Your Column Names

On the left you will see your column names and which column number they are in. On the right are the available columns for matching to the DDCSA database.

Drag the available column name from the right onto the relevent column name on the left. eg: Clarity = Clarity, Colour = Colour.

Try and match all of the coulmns as this will greatly help your chances of your stock being found in the search listings.

Once complete click the Save button in the center of the screen. When mappings are saved, click next and you will be redirected to the Stock Upload Section.

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