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Below are the most commonly used features of the trading platform. If you think that we have left anything out, please use the form on the right to make a suggestion.


DDCSA Knowledge Base

DDCSA trading platform documentation and knowledge base.

Uploading your stock

Once you have built your template, you will now be redirected of your stock upload

You will also have the option to download the template that you have just built

Your Stock

To start click Next and you will be re-directed to the Upload Stock page. As before, drag your Excel spread sheet (The same file that you based your template on) onto the upload bar. Once the file is 100% uploaded, click next.

Error Report

This screen will allow you to download an Excel Error Report. This document will show you if there are any errors in your spread sheet. If you are happy with the results. Click Next.

Confirmation Screen

The stock confirmation screen allows you to confirm any changes made to you stock list. Once confirmed, click next and you will be redirected to your full stock listing page.

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